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  2. playbill:

    TODAY IN THEATRE HISTORY: “It all began tonight” in 1957 at the Winter Garden Theatre as West Side Story opens. The Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim and Arthur Laurents classic is based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but has New York teenage gangs pitted against each other instead of Verona’s dueling families. It includes such classic songs as “I Feel Pretty” and “Somewhere.” The show is choreographed and staged by Peter Gennaro and Jerome Robbins, who came up with the show’s original 1949 concept: “East Side Story.” The piece evolved, with new music, a new location and a new ethnicity to become what it is tonight. Larry Kert, Carol Lawrence and Chita Rivera star.

    For more on the original production of West Side Story, including a look inside a Playbill from the show, visit PlaybillVault.com.

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  7. Monchele having fun together BTS of Glee season 1/2

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  9. Do you want to have children eventually?

    "I want as many [kids] as I can!”

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